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Welcome to Friday Eve. I hope you’ve enjoyed your week. Every Thursday, or I should say most Thursdays we’ll present a software tool that will either help you study, is fun, will make your life easier or all of the above. If you have a tool that you like, please let us know in the comments below.

Today’s nursing study tool is Quizlet.

Nursing study tool quizlet

Nursing study tool quizlet

You can use it to make flashcards, study games and other things that will help you study. The most innovative feature, or what I think I like the most is that you can share quizlets that you make. This would work great for your study group, you could break down the chapters and each of you in the group take a section. Then combine the sections and you have the whole chapter that you could study.

You can sign in with your Google Plus or Facebook account here –

When you’re signed in you’ll get an offer for Quizlet plus. From their site – these are the differences – For $15 a year you can upload images and record your own voice on your study sets, choose from 50 additional profile images, create unlimited classes, and study on Quizlet without ads.

You can decide what you want to do. My recommendation would be to try the tool first, then if you like it and want the additional features you can upgrade latter.

It asks if you’re a student or a teacher, I clicked student.

This page is like a dashboard, you can create a study set (like a group of flash cards) or you can create or join a study group. All of it is pretty simple, if you get lost you can click the Help button on the Left Hand side of the page.

One of my favorite sections of Quizlet is the search box, located at the top of the page. Enter a subject that you would like to learn about in the box and you’ll have a chance to review study sets others have made (from all over the world).

Example, if you search “Nursing” there are over 5000 different study sets that people have created. When you’re using this tool, it is better to think narrow, then expand as you need to. Just like anything some of the sets are really good, and others are written very poorly and could even give you the wrong information. It would be devastating to spend hours studying something that isn’t correct. When you review a set, it is important that you check to make sure that it is accurate, the extra time you spend making sure that it is correct will save you much time (and possibly a poor grade) in the long run.

If you learn better by playing games you can do that to. Scatter you pull definitions to the answers, or answers to the definitions. Race you have to type the answer of a terms definition as it moves across the page, this is much harder. My suggestion would be to do the Scatter first and then do the Race.

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