First day of Nursing School Quick Tips to Survive

First Day of Nursing School

First Day of Nursing School

Congratulations. You’re getting ready to take the first step of many, they can lead you many different places – the great part about it is you’ll be able to choose many of them. This will be a year of many firsts for you.

First nursing text book.
First quiz.
First test.
First patient you get to access.
First bath you give to someone else.
First Final nursing exam.
First IV.
First patient you want to take home with you.
First patient you’ll wish you had never met.

Then you’ll

Pass the NCLEX on the first try.
Get your first job.
Learn more in the first month than you did in all of nursing school.
Have your first nursing manager.
Call your first doctor in the middle of the night.
Have your first code blue.
Just like you were freaking out the first time you drove a car, you’re doing that now. But just remember now you think nothing about getting in and driving anywhere you want to go. Eventually that will be how it goes as a nurse. You can do it, it won’t be easy, sometimes you’ll feel like quitting but don’t. You can do anything that you set your mind to.

Here are some tips for the first day of classes.

  1. Figure out exactly where each of your classes are located. Go from one class to the next, time yourself so that you won’t be lost when the halls and sidewalks are jammed to capacity.
  2. Sit close to the front of the room in your classes. During this adventure sometimes you’ll be really tired. Sitting close to the front makes you less likely to submit to the Z Monster.
  3. If you’re away from your family – don’t forget to speak / email / SKYPE with them every now and then. They’re missing you a ton. Speaking to them will also help you remember why you decided to be a nurse.
  4. Do all the assignments as soon as you can. Putting things off can become a habit that you don’t want to start.
  5. Every teacher is different, they test different, teach things their own way. If possible get some insight from someone that had them the year / semester before.
  6. Find a group of people to study with.
  7. The semester will end, your classes and teachers will change.

I hope that gives you some help. Just remember that you can do it!!

Here are some more tips –

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