NCLEX Video Flash Cards – pass your NCLEX test ten minutes at a time.

This is a new project for us that we are developing. We know that flash cards work when you’re studying for the NCLEX test. We used flashcards when we passed our test, this past summer my niece (and her friends) used flash cards to help past their test. We know you are busy and have trouble squeezing everything you have to do in 24 hours, that is why we created video flash cards.

These flash cards are divided into ten minute (or less) segments. So if you have ten minutes before class you can watch one of the videos and learn. In the line at the bank, load up one of the videos and study for ten minutes.

An example of one of the videos can be found below.

We are looking for beta testers for our product. As a beta tester you get the product for 50% (or more) off the launch price of the product. You get it for $9.00 / month.

This gives you 24 / 7 access to the videos, which you can watch on your computer, ipad, phone or any other hand held device. This product will be released in modules (1 per month). Each month you will get access to some additional flash cards and keep access to those you’ve already seen. This way you learn the content a month at a time.

During the beta test things are a little bit different.

We need 10 beta testers to join us for the launch. If we don’t get ten testers by March 1st then anyone that has purchased the product will not be billed again. You can retain access to the 1st module till the summer. After we get ten testers we’ll post new modules at the following rate. Since you’re testing things, you’ll get access immediately and won’t have to wait.  When it says your choice, we’ll take a vote from those who are in the Beta test group – we’ll give you a list of nine more areas of content and you’ll choose which one that you would like for us to do.

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Here is a proposed schedule for the release of content

Module 1 – Cardiac – Available now.
When Ten testers confirmed.

Coming August 2016
Module 2 – Video flash cards – Procedures
Module 3 – Video flash cards – Maternity
Supplemental content for Module 1 (we’ll teach you all about cardiac – giving you the rationale for the answers). This would normally be included in a more expensive plan but for you it is free.

Sept 2016

Module 4 (your choice)
Module 5- (your choice)
Content for Module 2
Downloadable physical flash cards Module 1 and 2 –  free for beta folks.

Oct 2016
Module 6 (your choice)
Module 7- (your choice)
Content for Module 3
Downloadable physical flash cards Module 3 and 4- free for beta folks.

Nov 2016
Module 8 (your choice)
Module 9- (your choice)
Content for Module 4
Downloadable physical flash cards Module 5 and 6 – free for beta folks.

Dec 2016
Module 10 (your choice)
Module 11- (your choice)
Module 12- (your choice)
Content for Module 5
Downloadable physical flash cards Module 7 and 8 – free for beta folks.

Jan 2017
Content for Module 6
Content for Module 7
Content for Module 8
Content for Module 9

Feb 2017
Content for Module 10
Content for Module 11
Content for Module 12

Mar 2017
Downloadable physical flash cards Module 9 and 10 – free for beta folks.
Downloadable physical flash cards Module 11 and 12 – free for beta folks.

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