nursingschoolnclexprep-smallWhat if a week after you graduated nursing school, you felt prepared to take (and pass) your NCLEX test?

Now you can. Our Nursing school NCLEX prep course will help you to feel confident in passing the NCLEX shortly after you graduate.

What is included:

  • You will need to order (or have access to) Saunders 6th edition – you can check it out here We use this book as both a study reference and access to a huge questions database.
  • Instant access to 28 content modules. These modules cover specific diseases and content that you will need to know for your NCLEX test.
  • A plan – four or eight month plans that allow you to study for the NCLEX while you’re in Nursing school. These plans allow you to study for an hour or so a day without stressing or feeling rushed.
  • Questions – we know from experience that students who answer more practice questions pass the NCLEX the first time. Saunders has a database with 5000 or so questions and we give you links to 1000 plus additional questions in our Boot Camp.

We offer tutoring too. Some people need some individualized attention. We have plans that include either one or two one-hour tutor sessions each month. We can do these sessions when you are available. We can give you a phone call or we can do them online (the method I like the best), but it is your choice. Included with the tutor program is a customized study plan (either 4 month or 8 month) that is based on an assessment test and is revised as we tutor you. This lets us focus on what you need to work on the most.

Just the NCLEX Prep $29 / month – click here to order.
NCLEX Prep with 1 hour of tutoring each month $39/month – click here to order.
NCLEX Prep with 2 hours of tutoring each month $65 / month – click here to order.

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