Pharmacology Topics: Medication Administration

We continue the pharmacology topic today with Medication administration.

Medication Administration

Chapter 17 in Saunders talks about medication administration (begins on page 204)

This site has a good overview –
Make sure to review / know the following topics (they are in bold)

Educate client about medications

Educate client on medication self-administration procedures

Prepare and administer medications, using rights of medication administration

Review pertinent data prior to medication administration (e.g., contraindications, lab results, allergies, potential interactions)

Mix medications from two vials when necessary (e.g., insulin)

Page 661 Saunders talks about administration of insulin.

Administer and document medications given by common routes (e.g., oral, topical)

Administer and document medications given by parenteral routes (e.g., intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous)

Participate in medication reconciliation process

Titrate dosage of medication based on assessment and ordered parameters (e.g., giving insulin according to blood glucose levels, titrating medication to maintain a specific blood pressure)

Dispose of unused medications according to facility/agency policy

Evaluate appropriateness and accuracy of medication order for client

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