NCLEX Tutoring Scholarship

NCLEX Tutoring Scholarship

We have had several people ask about getting our tutor programs for less. We have decided to do some scholarships for people that may need the financial help.

Here is how it works – you pay $29 / month (10 sessions) or $49 / month (20 sessions) for six months. The rest of the payment is provided by our wonderful donors. Why make you pay anything? We have found that if you don’t pay anything then you’re less invested in the tutoring. We want you to pass the test. So how does this work. Note: There are time frames listed with each step, in order to continue with the scholarship you must complete each step in the time that is indicated.

  1. Fill out the information form here – Click Here
  2. Wait for an email from us. Everyone who fills out the form will not get a scholarship. Our donors have certain criteria for the scholarships they help to fund. If you are invited to the next step we’ll email you. You will then have 48 hours to begin the next steps.
  3. Make your first payment – 10 tutor sessions $29 / month click here. 20 sessions $49 a month, click here. [we will send you links for payment after step 2]
  4. Do the Assessment. We’ll send you details on doing this. It is similar to the assessment listed on the bottom of our tutor page, but you’ll have ten days to complete three 100 question tests and send them back to us.
  5. We’ll call you and get some information from you. We’ll work on the study plan and schedule you for the first tutor sessions.
  6. Tutoring Begins.

A big thank you to our donors. Scholarships available. Would you like to offer a scholarship – click her for details.

Scholarships Available

Anonymous – no restrictions / based on financial need – 10 sessions (1 available)
Anonymous – no restrictions / based on financial need – 20 sessions (1 available)