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This program is specifically designed for students that need some extra instruction. It includes four parts so you can pass the NCLEX the next time you take it.

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Part 1 – Initial assessment and evaluation.

After you purchase one of the tutoring packages you’ll get immediate access to the membership site. The first thing you’ll do will be to finish a self-assessment. This assessment will let us know a bit about where you are and will also tell us available times you’ll have for your personalized tutor sessions and our first phone call.

We’ll set up a time from the information you provide and we’ll give you a phone call. During this call we’ll review the assessment steps you’ll need to take and also schedule the next tutor sessions for the weeks ahead.

When you finish the assessment steps we’ll then…

Part 2 – Creating a study plan

From the phone calls and your assessment tests, we’ll create an individualized study plan for you. We will have scheduled you for two live tutor sessions / week. We create the study plans two weeks at a time. An example is here – click here Your actual study plan will be an easily editable spreadsheet.

A good study plan also makes sure you have time to do things that are fun. If you work we include that and strive to help you get the most out of the time that you have available.

Part 3 – Studying

Review content, answer questions, memorize.  Our one on one tutor sessions help focus on what you need help on. The live group sessions focus on broad topics first (example Acid / Base) then drill down to specifics (resp acidosis / alkalosis). These group sessions focus on what the students need to work on most.

Part 4 – Passing the test.

Don’t need as much tutoring – check out our Boot Campclick here.

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Need help figuring out what you need to study (for free)? Scroll down to the bottom of this page for our free assessment for those who have failed the NCLEX.

It includes the following elements:

10 or 20 one-hour tutor sessions. These sessions are the key to your success. These sessions are one on one and they can be done by telephone or online (Skype, Facebook Chat, Google Hangouts). These sessions will be structured and are unique to what you need to work on most – which we figure out together during the assessment.

Instant access to our NCLEX Boot Camp – 28+ modules that cover all of the content areas that are on the NCLEX exam. NCLEX Bites is content that has been on the NCLEX test, a great way to review and memorize content. Details about the Boot Camp can be found here.

A detailed study plan – unique to you and what you’ll be working on in either the 45 day or 90 day program. An example of this plan can be found here –

Questions. The basis of any good NCLEX course is a variety of questions that you could find on the NCLEX test. Answering 2-3,000 questions are key to help you pass the NCLEX test. This is why we recommend and use Saunder’s and you will need it for our tutoring sessions. The online portion of the book is a valuable tool in being able to review all of the different types of questions that are on the NCLEX exam.

Testimonials from this summer 2017:

Jordan had failed her NCLEX 10 times. Here was her first email to us.

I’ve taken the NCLEX 10 times, can you help me? This was on April 11th. She purchased the 20 session tutor program. She was nervous and apprehensive. We worked hard through much of the summer. One thing we try to do for you is to help you overcome the doubt. YOU CAN DO IT. Here are the notes we got on August 1st.

Omg I PASSED!!!!! I cannot thank you enough! This is so surreal! You are a God send!! I’m definitely getting your info to my friends who were in my same boat!! Thank you for everything!!! 

Our goal is to help you pass your NCLEX. We started tutoring Sandra in March, this past weekend May 28, 2017 she took her NCLEX for the 8th time. She worked two jobs – one full time and one part time. Here is the message she sent to us.

I rescheduled and  took the test a little earlier than planned. Wanted to go ahead and get it out of the way. I PASSED with 75 questions. Praise God. I had 20 Select All That Apply…one math…about 5 meds. 3 put in order and two infection controls. No strips.. Glory to God .The rest prioritizing.  Thanks for your help and you and church family PRAYERS. I am so grateful. OK ready to see your Happy Dance. Take care and thanks again.
Sandra Stiles RN
I am so proud of Sandra 🙂 and I did send her a ‘happy dance’.

45-day program – 10 one-hour tutor sessions (2 per week for 5 weeks). $437.00. Click here to order.

90-day program – includes 20 one-hour tutor sessions (2 per week for 10 weeks) $645.00 Click here to order.

Payment plans are available (2 monthly payments) – Email us for details.  [[ CLICK HERE to send your email ]]

Some FAQs about our tutoring.

1. Ten and Twenty tutor sessions are to be done two sessions per week.
2. Normally on the last tutor session of the week we provide you with times that are available for the next week.
3. Sessions normally last an hour. You decide what you would like to us to cover during our time.
4. We can do it on the telephone (reviewing notes / the book, etc.) or online using Google Hangouts.
5. Additional tutor sessions (with a discount for current students) just email us for payment details.

One session – $30.00
Five sessions $25 each –  $125.00
10 sessions $20 each – $200.00

The Guarantee – Don’t pass the NCLEX after our tutor sessions – we’ll provide you with the same plan / number of tutor sessions till you pass your test. In order to take advantage of this guarantee you must.
1. Use all your tutor sessions the first time.
2. Complete the modules in the course / email us the results of the tests you take.

NCLEX Assessment

Click here for details of our assessment.