You can pass the NCLEX if you do the following:

1. Know the topics your weak on.
2. Review those topics.
3. Have a plan so you can do 1 and 2.
4. One more thing, answer plenty of NCLEX style questions.

We have helped many students with our NCLEX Tutoring to pass the NCLEX. Students that have failed the NCLEX numerous times. The record so far is a student that failed ten times. When we tutor we follow the same sequence in our 8 week tutor plan, which you can follow using the links below.

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Week 1 –

Week 1 (Days Sunday – Friday) (Assessments)
Review your Assessment

Study Calendar


Week 2 –

Week 2 – Issues in Nursing

Fluid and Electrolytes

Lab Values and Nutrition

Deep Diving an NCLEX Topic

Week 3 –

IV Therapy and Blood Products

Safety, IV Calculations, CPR

Perioperative, Positioning, Clients with Tubes

Practice Exams


Week 4 –

We start Maternity – Reproductive and PreNatal

Maternity #2 Risks, Labor and Delivery

Maternity #3 – Postpartum, Newborn, and Medications.

Catch Up

Week 5 –

Peds – Integumentary, Hematological, Oncological, Metabolic and Endocrine

Peds #2 – GI, Eye, Ear and Throat, Respiratory, Cardiovascular

Pediatric Renal and Urinary, Neuro, Musculoskeletal, Immune, Infectious Diseases, Meds

Growth and Development / Elder Care (BONUS NCLEX cram sheet)

Week 6 –

Answer Questions

Adult Integumentary System

Hematological and Oncology

Digging Deeper

Week 7 –

Endocrine and Meds

Adult GI and Meds

Week 8 –