Take a day off from studying

Most of you have the day off – if you have school in the U.S. We didn’t get any responses for the survey, so we’re asking some of our students what they would like for us to go over. Today we’re going to talk about taking a day off from studying.

Studying without breaks doesn’t work very well. Just like someone playing a sport when you use muscles they need time to repair and build. That is how your brain works too. I’ve talked before about taking a day off when I was in nursing school. The next day I studied I got more done. Here are some tips.

I am a strong believer in habits. I made it a habit in school to review my flashcards every morning – for a half hour or so after I got up and a half hour or so before going to bed. Even the days I took off I did that.

  1. Plan the day off – add it to your schedule. If you don’t plan it then you’ll just blow it off. You should plan your study time too, and stick with it. One hour of good study time is better than three or four hours of studying with your cell phone at your side answering people.
  2. Plan on doing something fun that day – think of something you love to do and make sure you spend some time doing it on your day off.
  3. Visit people that you might be ignoring otherwise. It takes a great support group to help you. Spend some fun time with those folks.
  4. Don’t give yourself a guilt trip – remind yourself that studying with breaks will help you pass your NCLEX test.

Enjoy your day off 🙂

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