Part 2 – NCLEX Topics – Hematological and Oncological Disorders of the Adult (with questions)

Cancer NCLEX

You can find part 1 for this topic here –

Gastric Cancer


Pancreatic Cancer


Intestinal Tumors


Lung Cancer

A video on Lung cancer – There are 6 or 7 videos in the series, watch them all.


Laryngeal Cancer,-nose,-and-throat-disorders/tumors-of-the-head-and-neck/laryngeal-cancer


Prostate Cancer


Bladder Cancer


Oncological Emergency



Antineoplastic Medications


Alkylating Medications


Antitumor Antibiotic Medications


Antimetabolite Meds


Mitotic Inhibitor


Hormonal Meds and Enzymes


Immunomodulator Agents


— Study Aids –

CA Flashcards


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CA Questions if you scroll down on this page there are many more questions.

Chemo and Radiation –

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