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Today we’ll begin posting something at least every other day on the blog. We plan a variety of different posts focusing on you passing your NCLEX test and your current classes, tools you can use to help make your life easier (both as a nurse and a student), tips for getting (and keeping) a job and fun stuff to.

Every Monday we’ll give you an outline of what we’ll be talking about for the week. As reminders we’ll be posting things on:

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I come from a nursing background. My Mom who passed away when I was seven was a nurse, my second mom was a nurse too. When I was growing up, being a nurse had never entered my mind. Even when I started college, I wanted to be a Civil Engineer. I ran out of money while I was in college, so I joined the Army and spent almost four years in West Germany (it was in the 80’s before the wall came down). While I was in the Army, I was in a combat MOS, a crewmember on M1A1’s… a tank.

When I left the army, it was January, so I waited till the fall and returned to school. The Army was paying me to go to school now. I returned to the army again, I was called to active duty for Desert Storm 1 and it was while we were processing, I talked with some of the nurses and they told me I should be a nurse. When I returned from the war, that is what I started.

I enjoyed nursing school, we had a study group of six people and from the first weeks of the first semester, every Saturday we would get together for four or five hours and study. This studying I think helped me to pass the NCLEX test the first time with 75 questions.

I started a job, worked for a year in peds and then four years in ICU. During that time I finished my bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The main goal of our site and blog is to help you pass the NCLEX test the first time. I won’t lie to you, it was one of the hardest tests I’ve taken, I don’t think It was the content, but the pressure. I’ll tell you a secret, it really doesn’t matter how much pressure you’re under if you’re well prepared then you will have no problem passing the test.

My niece just finished her nursing class and passed her NCLEX. As she went through her class I told her some things that had worked for me and she followed those steps too. One thing if you ever have any questions about anything, you can send us an email. We would love to talk and meet you, one of the easiest ways to do that is to friend our page on Facebook and introduce yourself.

Here’s what we’re going to be talking about this week.

Tuesday – Making a Plan
Weds – Time Management part 1
Thurs – Tech stuff
Friday – Fun Friday

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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