Nursing Goals 2016 (Hot to pass the NCLEX, Get a Job, Be a better nurse, Get my bachelors, masters)

Nursing Goals 2016

Nursing Goals 2016

Only a few days and it will be January 1st and a fresh start to a new year. Now is a great time to review some things and hopefully make next year the best one yet. Get a clean sheet of paper (or open a new document in Word and answer the following questions).

Review –

  1. What you did well. List some of the things you did well last year. Next to each of the things you list, make a note of why you think that happened. Example – made an A in Nursing – because I studied my but off.
  2. Things that went wrong. Don’t be ashamed, no one is perfect and we all do something wrong. Mistakes are Ok because we can learn from them. Again put some why’s next to them.
  3. The best day of 2015 was? Why?
  4. My worst day of 2015 was? Why?
  5. A good habit I started in 2015 was?
  6. A bad habit was?

Goals for 2016

  1. List five things you want to accomplish in 2016.
  2. For each of those goals, list 12 (monthly) things that will help to accomplish them. Now put those things in your planner or calendar right now while you’re thinking about them.
  3. A bad habit you want to break – list the steps you’ll take to break that habit.
  4. A good habit you want to start – list 5 to 10 reasons why.
  5. Get your planner out. Write in a goal for each month (different than number 1). List the steps you’ll need to accomplish those things.

A goal could be – I will pass the NCLEX the first time in June 2016.

Things to do in order to accomplish the goal.

  1. January – I will form a study group.
  2. January – I will begin studying flash cards from previous content I’ve studied.
  3. – I will review Math and make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.
  4. – I will make a list of things I’m having trouble with and study these sections an hour a day.
  5. – I will study my flash cards an hour a day. I will make (or buy) new flash cards for new content.
  6. March – I will take at least two practice tests this month.
  7. March – continue study group / Flash cards / adding more.
  8. April – I will take at least four practice tests this month.
  9. April I will review the tests and highlight things I need to work on.
  10. April – dedicate two hours a day to working on problem areas.
  11. May – Six practice tests / highlight problems.
  12. May – trouble areas I will find additional help for.
  13. May – study flash cards at least two hours every day.
  14. June – I will pass the test!!

Again that is just an example, but you get the idea. Just making a goal is not enough, you need to list the steps you’ll need to take to accomplish it.

Questions, we love them. Also next week we’ll be announcing our newest product and you’ll get a discount so stay tuned.

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