NCLEX Topics – Dosage Calculations

Welcome to another week.

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This week we’re going to talk about drug calculations and then safety on Thursday. We could spend weeks on learning drug calculations. We talked some about them here –

If you haven’t reviewed that then you’ll want to. Besides IV calculations (which are generally the hardest) you’ll also want to know how to do drug calculations (pill / liquid) problems. It is also a good time to go over how to read drug labels. We’ll work on both of these a bit in this post. Remember with any type of math problems it is important to practice them. We’ve included some links for you to find practice problems, but my recommendation is to do at least 25 or so practice problems every week before your NCLEX.

Reading a Drug Label – a great lecture that explains how to read labels.

Explanation of Doasge problems –

A good powerpoint review of how to do the problems –


Things you’ll need to remember –

Practice problems –


Thursday we’ll talk some about safety till then I hope you have a wonderful day – as always we love to help.

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