Peds NCLEX Topics – Renal and Urinary

Peds NCLEX Renal / Urinary problems

Peds NCLEX Renal / Urinary problems

Lots of people are taking the NCLEX – the culmination of years of study, all boils down to a test that tries to figure out if you’re ready to be a nurse (or not). For those of you getting ready to take the test… you can do it.

This week we’ll be talking about our next section of NCLEX Ped topics –  today we’ll be talking about the Renal and Urinary systems.

This is chapter 41 in Saunders the 7th edition and is on page 491.

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Fluid Volume Overload in Glomerulonephritis

This article was for physicians but I found it interesting –


Nephrotic Syndrome


Hemolytic uremic Syndrome




Epispadias – urethral opening is on the dorsal / top.
Hypospadias – urethral opening is below / bottom of the penis.
With both of these conditions circumcision CAN NOT be performed.


Bladder Exstrophy,BladderExstrophy/


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