NCLEX Topics – Maternity Postpartum

NCLEX Postpartum

NCLEX Postpartum

Maternity Postpartum

An overview presentation of the Postpartum period –…/Post_Partum_Period%20%208%20student%20version2.ppt

Flash cards –

A video –


Physiological Changes Postpartum – an excellent overview – Make sure to the continue link at the bottom of the article.

Lochia –

Normal Vital Signs –

Should be afebrile after 24 hrs
May have temp up to 100.4 F (38 C) for 24 hrs d/t dehydration
May also have elevation of 100 to 102 F (37.8-39 C) when milk comes in
BP may spike immediately after delivery
Should have normal BP within few days
Orthostatic hypotension common first couple days
Decrease = hemorrhage versus normal?
Increase = preeclampsia, excess oxytocin use?
Decreased pulse common for first 6-10 days PP
Pulse > 100 related to hemorrhage, fear, pain, infection

Emotional changes –

Teaching –

Postpartum Interventions

Questions 55 –

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