NCLEX: Safety and Infection control Part 3

It was pretty awesome to watch my daughter get her nursing pin this past weekend.

Today we have the last post for Safety and Infection control.

Part 1 is here –

NCLEX Topics: Safety and Infection Control

Part 2 is here –

Safety and Infection Control – NCLEX

Today we’ll be covering –

Handling hazardous and infectious materials
Precautions and Surgical Asepsis
Use of restraints

This section is super important, especially the section over precautions. We do a general review when folks we tutor take the test and almost all of them have at least one question on their test related to precaution.

** Handling Hazardous and Infectious materials ***

A great link-

Saunders has some of that 192 and 193.

Precautions and Surgical Asepsis (IMPORTANT)

A great overview of the disease process can be found here –

Some great Mnemonics – watch the video too.

Isolation Precautions Mnemonics for NCLEX

And finally some great information from the CDC – make sure to check out their link for “Standard Precautions” as well.

Use of restraints

Finally we have restraints.

A great pdf (overview) of restraints.

Questions – here are some links to some great questions.

NCLEX Safety Questions

The next time we post will be after Christmas / New Years – spend some time with your family and friends.

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