Health Promotion and Maintenance

We have a few more sections left in the Health promotion and maintenance.

High Risk Behaviors
Lifestyle Choices
Techniques of Physical Assessment
Health Screening

We’ll go over high risk behaviors and lifestyle choices today and then we’ll review self-care, physical assessment and health screening later this week.

So what is a high risk behavior. Behaviors are things that you can change, anything that is high risk would be those behaviors that may be detrimental to your health. Stop reading for a moment. From what you’ve learned what could be some high risk behaviors.

Excessive sun exposure
The lack of regular exercise
A poor diet
Smoking and the use of other tobacco products
Alcohol use
Illicit drug use
Unprotected sex
Dangerous jobs / hobbies - rock climbing.

Not enough sleep and rest

Our job as a nurse is to make sure that your patient knows the risks and provide information about how they can do better. Stop smoking, wear sunscreen, sleep more.

Life Style Choices –

This topic includes assessing their choices (where they live), contracption, family planning, are they isolated, education and alternative health care practices.

A great article about that is here –

Chapter 5 in Saunders goes in depth about the topic.

The chapter begins on page 32, pay particular attention to the boxes.

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