NCLEX Review – Week 1 (Days Sunday – Friday)

Happy Sunday. The first week we’re going to be focused on assessment. This assessment will help us with a couple of things. It will let you know where you are and it will also let you know some things you’ll want to focus on.

A reminder you will need Saunders 6th or 7th edition and we recommend our bootcamp since we’ll be referring to it often. You can get it for half off this month – $74.50.

Here is the link for that –

Since this week is a holiday week, we’ll be doing things a little different. You get to choose what day you want to complete the following.

Take 3 Assessment tests using the online question database that is included with Saunders. These tests need to be 100 questions in length and you want to make sure that all topics are included in the questions.

Details about creating a test can be found at the following URL (you’ll need bootcamp).

In the Boot Camp – Review Day 4 assessment – you’ll see instructions for setting up your online account for the book, you might have done this already.

Review the image below –

Test 1 – no time limit. After each of the tests you’ll want to make sure that you review the answers that you missed. My suggestion would be do a test a day, then spend a couple of days reviewing the results.

Test 2 – two hour time limit.

Test 3 – one hour time limit – this is to put some anxiety in the mix for you.

On Saturday we’ll post about what to do with the results. Sunday we’ll provide a calendar and begin the day by day review.

I hope you have a wonderful ThanksGiving holiday.

Questions? Let us know

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