NCLEX Review in a few weeks

Congratulations to Whitney, one of our latest students to pass the NCLEX. Normally I don’t comment on when students we tutor pass the test, but this student was a little unique and I think her experience may help you, which after all is why we post on this blog.

Whitney came to me around May 20th, she let me know that her NCLEX would be June 13th. Not a whole lot of time, but after we talked to her we figured we were up to the challenge. She works part time for a surgery center, and she assured me that she was dedicated to studying hard, especially on the days that she didn’t work. We did an assessment and figured out what might have been going on.

Of all the things we do, the assessment is probably the most crucial thing. It helps us to create a plan that is specific for the student. Whitney knew the content fairly well, she just got hung up on SATA questions. From the assessment we created a study plan. Instead of the normal two days a week tutoring we did 4 tutor sessions for two weeks and two tutor sessions on the final / test week. During that time we went through all of the content (the four weeks in boot camp).

She took the NCLEX and passed. In case you’re in the same spot as she was – ie a few weeks before the test, I’ve included a calendar that you can find at the following link.


Some reminder links –

Boot Camp

NCLEX Tutoring


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