NCLEX Topics Infectious and Communicable Diseases – Peds

NCLEX Topics Infectious and Communicable Diseases

Here is a review of topics that we’ve covered

This topic is covered in detail in Saunders Chapter 48 (6th edition)


We all know that is important to know the vaccination schedule – since this changes from time to time the best source is the CDC.

From this page, you can choose Birth to 18 (including catchup) and Adult.


Agent: Paramyxovirus
Incubation:10 to 20 days
Communicable:4 days to 5 days before the rash appears
Source: Respiratory, blood or urine
Transmission: Airborne, direct contact



Agent: Human herpesvirus type 6
Incubation: 5 to 15 days
Communicable: Unknown
Source: Unknown
Transmission: Unknown


German Measles

Agent: Rubella virus
Incubation:14 to 21 days
Communicable: 7 days before to 5 days after rash appears
Source: Nasopharyngeal, blood, stool, urine
Transmission: Airborne, indirect (touching something that has been contaminated), transplacental



Agent: Paramyxovirus
Incubation: 14 to 21
Communicable: Immediately before and after parotid gland swelling begins
Source: Saliva and possibly urine of infected person
Transmission: Direct contact and droplet



Agent: Varoce;;a-zoster virus
Incubation: 13 to 17 days
Communicable: one to two days before the onset of rash to 6 days after the first vesicles.
Source: Respiratory tract, skin lesions
Transmission: Direct, droplet, contaminated objects


Whooping Cough / Pertussis

Agent: Bordetella pertussis
Incubation: 5 to 21 days / usually 10
Communicable: Greatest when resp. secretions occur
Source: Resp.
Transmission: Direct contact droplet or indirect contact



Agent: Corynebacterium diphtheriae
Incubation: 2 to 5 days
Communicable: usually 2 weeks but can be 4 weeks
Source: Discharge from nose, skin, lesions
Transmission: Direct contact with person or contaminated articles



Agent: Enteroviruses
Incubation: 7 to 14 days
Communicable: Unknown
Source: Oropharyngeal and Feces
Transmission: Direct contact


Scarlet Fever

Agent: Group A beta-hemolytic streptococci
Incubation: 1 to 7 days
Communicable: 10 days during incubation, first 2 weeks of carrier stage
Source: Nasopharyngeal
Transmission: Direct contact, ingestion of contaminated milk or other foods


Fifth Disease

Agent: Human parovirus B19
Incubation: 4 to 14 days (up to 20)
Communicable: Uncertain
Source: Infected person
Transmission: unknown (possible resp. / blood)


Infectious Mononucleosis

Agent: Epstein Barr Virus
Incubation: 4 to 6 weeks
Communicable: unknown
Source: Oral secretions
Transmission: Direct intimate contact


Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Agent: Rickettsia rickettsii
Incubation:  2 to 14 days
Source: Tick from a mammal.
Transmission: Bite of a tick


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