Study Aids – Form a Study group

So today we wrap up our posts about study aids. One of my favorites is group study sessions. When I was in nursing school, there was a group of five of us. We started in our second semester and every Saturday we would study for four hours in the morning… sometimes five or six hours if we had a big test coming up. Fortunately we had an awesome group and one of us was always better in a certain area than the others. That person would go over the content, explaining it sometimes much better than the instructor. We would then spend some time quizzing each other and then wrap up studying for thing we had already learned (prepping for the NCLEX).

We did that every Saturday. This was before we all had internet access so we would physically go to each other’s house and study. We would buy pizza for lunch and study between bites. We all passed our NCLEX and all did it in 75 questions.

You have an opportunity to do this much easier then we did. You can have a Facetime study group. A couple of things to remember. We were all super dedicated and we studied hard for the time we spent together. We had one rule and that was the only thing we could talk about during that time was nursing. We didn’t have cell phones, but my recommendation if you do this would be to turn your cell phone off during your study time.

We used flash cards to quiz each other and made up questions to ask the other folks. Hopefully that will give you some ideas and remember you can do it.

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