NCLEX Review – Creating your Own Lecture slides show

Welcome to our new tutor students – just a side note, the discount has ended.

We’re going to continue our study method tips by talking a little about lectures. Lectures about certain topics can be difficult to find online. We want to find something that we can learn from, is engaging and has relevant, up to date material.

So I am going to show you how to do it, then you can take my steps and find any lecture that you want to.

So for this lesson we’re going to pretend that we need to learn some about ABG’s.

I type that into the search box of Google – abg nursing lecture

You’ll get a wide variety of results. Normally the first results have videos – what we want to find is a pdf or a ppt.

The powerpoint works better, because we can manipulate those files and create something uniuqe from them. The first one I see is from hansen nursing. I click on the link, open it up. If it is something I can use – useful content, I’ll save it. You can use Microsofts powerpoint to open those files or you can use Google Docs –

I liked the Hansen one – although it was brief. The next one I checked out was from kau.eud. I didn’t really like that one too much. So I go to the next one.

The great thing is you can copy slides that you like and create your own study session. Again remember you’re looking for something that you’ll get some benefit from. Make sure to save your file. When you collect enough content – I recommend reviewing five or six. Then add / remove things from your study file, save it and you’re set. Now of course you’ll need to study it.


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