New NCLEX Test Plan

We interupt our regularly scheduled post on topics for some news.

There was an update to the NCLEX plan – you can download it from here.

Here are our thoughts.
Not much has changed although there may be a slight emphasis on culture and spirituality.

There are new questions at the end – you know the ones that don’t count… remember they don’t count.

For now they are maintaining the same passing standard, that is good news.

Here are some tidbits we gathered from

40% of testers do stop at 75 items.
80% of testers who stop at 75 items pass.

40% of testers answer between 76 and 256 questions on the NCLEX-RN.
It just means the computer is trying to keep up with you! Don’t panic. Just keep going!

15% of test takers hit that max number of items 256.
50% of those folks pass. Let that sink in.

There are many rumors that if you answer the max, you’ll fail… that isn’t the case.

Remember you will never be able to answer all of the questions right, but you can do it.

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