Nursing Student Christmas Gifts

cropped-Boot-camp.jpgGive the gift that they will use to help them pass the NCLEX test the first time they take the exam. Our NCLEX Boot Camp is a proven method for studying for (and passing) the NCLEX test.

The Boot Camp begins with an assessment, after this assessment we’ll send a personalized study plan with focus areas. The program also includes instant access to 28+ modules. These modules have content review, videos to watch and more importantly NCLEX style questions that will help them pass the exam.

You can find more details here –

You can order the bootcamp for $97.00 and we guarantee that we’ll help them pass the NCLEX test.

How to order –

  1. Click Here.  Follow the steps, Order using YOUR information – again use YOUR information for this step.
  2. When you’re finished ordering you should get an email – giving you log in information – please disregard that.
  3. Click Here and fill out a form – this will give us the details and allow us to create the email that we’ll customize and send to the gift recipient on the 24th (afternoon) or 25th (morning).
  4. On the date you chose, please email the recipient – let them know to expect an email that will contain their Gift. The email subject line will read {{ A gift from (your name) to their name))

If you have any questions you can email us.

ПечатьYou can check out the card that will be enclosed here – remember it will be modified to reflect what you entered in the form.

Here is what the email we send the recipient will say.

Dear Recipient name,

Please check out the card that is enclosed. You’ve received this gift from ((gift giver’s name)) who is excited about helping your pass your NCLEX test.

Name of purchaser has sent you a great gift, access to NCLEX boot camp. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit this url.
  2. Fill out the information and click sign up for free.
  3. You’ll receive an email and be able to instantly access the content.

We’ll also include links for contacting us if they have any problems.

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