Our Feb coupon and updates are finished.

We have talked quite a bit about Saunders – I really love the study guide. You can order the sixth edition for about $50 – click here – (there is a limited supply) or you can order the 7th edition for about $63 – click here. [[ note both of those are affiliate links so I’ll make a couple of bucks and thank you for it ]]

We’ll return to our weekly posting schedule next week – if you want to catch up on what we’ve posted so far you can check it out here –


As promised we have tweaked our prices and reviewed / changed our boot camp where needed. We have also created a free assessment. This program is mainly geared to students that have failed the NCLEX, but if you’re in Nursing school you can check it out as well. You can find it here – use FEB10 and save 10% on any of our programs.

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