8 week NCLEX Study guide – Week 2 – Issues in Nursing

You can find the calendar if you didn’t get it here –

NCLEX Study Calendar

Today and tomorrow you’ll be working on Week 1 – Monday.

Issues in Nursing

Here are the steps you’ll do everyday to begin each module (if you have Boot Camp).

  1. Read / Review the topic(s) in Saunders. When you review the topics highlight things that you didn’t remember. Take notes / make flashcards
  2. Watch the video (if you have Boot Camp).
  3. Answer the questions at the end of the Saunders Chapter.
  4. Review the flashcard links – if you use flashcards you can take what you need.
  5. Review the additional content – if you need to. You’ll need to determine this. If you had trouble with the topic or you highlighted It as one of your trouble areas in your assessment tests, then review.
  6. Answer the additional questions. SUPER IMPORTANT – review the questions and rationales that you miss. Answering questions is a key to passing the NCLEX.

If you don’t have Boot Camp –

  1. Review the chapter in Saunders (read it).
  2. Answer the questions // review the rationale.
  3. If we have reviewed the topic on our blog – you can review it.
  4. Need more? You can do research, ask us for help.

Blog posts about the topic –



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