Failed the NCLEX – Figure out why.

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Thanksgiving is coming up next week. We have some super Thank You deals coming up soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook page on Saturday. We continue with our discussion of what to do after you fail the test. You’ve told everyone that you failed, you’ve figured out when you take the test again.

1. Figure out why you failed the test.

Review the score sheet that you got from the NCLEX. We’ll go in depth over the next posts about how to focus on each of those areas. It’s easier than you think.

As you took the test, was it content that you didn’t know or did you just freak out over the question. If its content then you’ll want to review it.

I have tutored a lot of students, now is the time to be honest with yourself. Unfortunately the internet makes it super easy to answer questions without answering them. It does you no good… you won’t have access to Google.

From now till you take the test again you’re going to be honest with yourself.

Create a document and label it Review or something similar. In this document when you find content that you need to review you’ll put it there. Right now think about the NCLEX you just took and jot down content that you need to work on. Remember knowing a lab value is not the same as knowing the content. You can know the numbers for ABG’s… but do you know how those numbers cause things to happen with your patient. If not, then you want to deep dive that content.

Take three or four assessment tests – I like Saunders. You want to do 75 to 100 questions and you want to time yourself to 2 hours max. As you’re taking those assessment tests if you guess then make a note of that.

Review how you did. Content that you missed 3 or 4 questions on, make sure to add it to your list.

IMPORTANT – if you purchase our boot camp, we’ll help you figure what you need to focus on and create a study plan for you.

2. Create a Study plan –

Since we’re going to review the sections of the test individually – we’re going to create a plan today.

Here is a post that talks about the calendar –

NCLEX Study Calendar

Download a calendar and modify the dates.
Follow the instructions from that link.

Make sure to include doing extra questions ever day. 25 questions or so.

Speaking of questions, if you have any, let us know.

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