Nursing School Tips – Taking Time Off

Many of you are getting ready for nursing school in the fall. I just want to remind you to make sure and take some time off while you’re studying. When I was in school I usually took part of every Sunday off. This gave me some time to have fun, talk with my family (although my Wife helped all of our study group) and not think about anything remotely related to nursing for at least a few hours.

It is something that may be difficult for you to do, but try it out, but more importantly add it to your schedule.

Exercise –

Something you can do on your scheduled time off, but you really should be doing it every day. I was in the army (thank you Uncle Sam for paying for my college) and I enjoyed the physical training there and it carried over into my life when I got out. I alternated between a treadmill and an elliptical. While I was on both of those I would read my text book, and add things to my recordings that I thought might be pertinent. Just doing a half hour a day made me feel so much better.

Nutrition –

You think I’m preaching at you now. I am not a nut when it comes to eating right. I will just say that eating candy bars all of the time when you’re studying isn’t good for you. We’ll talk some in future articles about some things you can eat to make you study more efficiently and I’ll share the pre test meal that I had every night and morning before I took a big test in nursing.

Now go and enjoy your summer – hope you have at least a few days off and we’ll catch you on Monday.

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