Treatment of Acid / Base balances

NCLEX Drug List

NCLEX Drug List

Earlier this week we talked about Acid / Base balances in the body. Today we’re going to talk about how to treat.

The key to treating any of these disorders is to treat the underlying cause.

Treatment for metabolic acidosis focuses on correcting the underlying cause. Diabetic patient, control blood glucose and insulin levels. Poisoning, treatment focuses on eliminating the toxin. Correcting the cause of sepsis may include antibiotic therapy, fluid administration, and surgery. You may also treat the acidosis directly. If it’s mild, administering I.V. fluid may correct the problem. If acidosis is severe, you may give bicarbonate I.V., as prescribed.

Treatment for metabolic alkalosis also focuses on the underlying cause. Often from an electrolyte imbalance so replace fluid, sodium, and potassium.

The treatment goal for respiratory acidosis is to improve ventilation.

Usually, the only treatment goal for respiratory alkalosis is to slow the breathing rate

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