Study Tips – Videos – my favorite


Today we’re going to talk about videos that will help you study (non Youtube – next week we’ll talk about Youtube).

When you use videos to help you learn it is important that you like the style of whoever is teaching it. If you don’t like how the presenter sounds, it doesn’t matter how good the content is.

My favorite site for videos is Khan, hands down.

I would recommend that you sign up – because it’s free and allows you to track your progress.

In the section marked “Test Prep” click on NCLEX. Let’s say I wanted to brush up on cardiac I would click circulatory system physiology. This takes you to a section dedicated to whatever topic that you clicked.

There are 80 or so videos in that one section. Just do them a video at a time. If you don’t understand it, then do the video again. The great thing about a video is that you can stop it, rewind etc. Take notes while you watch the videos if that helps you learn.

Here is the main category for NCLEX –

Need some good questions, they also have 80+ exercises. And again all of this content it FREE!

Here are the questions –

If you need some help with your biology – you can review the human biology section –

Next time we’ll take about some great you tube channels that we’ve found. Till then keep studying. Your school probably starts back in a few weeks (if you’re still in nursing school), if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to take some time off.

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