Four things to help you prepare for the NCLEX early

The NCLEX is coming if you’re in nursing school. It could be in January or maybe in June, but it is coming. Here are our four recommendations to begin getting ready now.

  1. Take two or three assessment tests. Even if you haven’t covered all of the content that is going to be on the test, it is important to get a good idea for what you remember from previous content. We have tested a number of different products to find out which one works best. Many of them work well but I think that Saunder’s works best (and we’ve tested it with our tutor students both LPN’s and RN’s). You can find it here. After you get the book, you’ll want to take an assessment test. It is super easy to set up, the first time you log into the Saunder’s website it will ask you to take one.

Save the result from the first test. Wait a couple of days and take another one, then wait a couple of days and take a third. All of these questions should be 75 questions long and you should create a time limit of two hours.

Review the results. It should give you a good idea of your strengths and your weaknesses. You can see an example of what the results look like below.


Some notes:

The Saunder’s tests are hard. I have found (with multiple students) that normally 60% or so indicates that you will most likely pass your NCLEX. The report is divided into the test categories and then the content areas. Don’t just look at the percentages but the number of questions asked during the test. So for this example – if I were to pick three content areas to focus on I would choose Leadership, Fundamental Skills and Management. You can feel free to send us your result and we would be happy to help you with that.

After you figure out what you need to focus on, review this content thoroughly. Answer questions, watch videos, make flash cards etc.

Make sure to take another assessment test at least every two or three weeks until you take the actual test.


  1. Memorization – There are many things you need to memorize. Lab values and medications are just a couple of them. Memorize them however works for you. For me it was flash cards. I know some people that do this by writing them out, you might learn them better by listening to them over and over again. However that you do it, just make sure you working on it every day.
  2. Answer questions – the more questions (NCLEX style) you answer, the better you’ll do on the test. Try and answer at least a hundred every day while you’re in the last couple of semesters of school.
  3. Study every day the content you need to focus on. Don’t forget to review the content you know well or you covered several semesters ago.

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