NCLEX Topics – Fluid and Electrolytes

fluid-lytesFluid and Electrolytes is a topic that I enjoyed when I was in nursing school, and one that was useful when I was an ICU nurse. It does take some memorization, but you can do it.

This topic is covered nicely in Chapter 9 of Saunders. You’ll also want to make sure you check out the questions at the end of the chapter and you can do focus questions for this topic online.

Learning the content.

Watch this video –

I recommend the in and out method that he talks about. You will want to write the lab values ten times in the morning and then ten times in the evening before you go to bed. This works! Depending on how long it is for you NCLEX test I recommend the following.

1 week of Fluid and Electrolytes
1 week of Lab values
1 week of ABG results
1 week of other things you need to know
Start over with Fluid and Electrolytes

You’ll be surprised how much you will learn by just jotting things down.

A lecture / pdf on Fluid and Electrolytes –

Another great pdf – more condensed with some memorization tools –

Questions –

70 questions –

30 questions –

Thursday we’ll have a post for ACID / BASE.

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