NCLEX Topics: Health Promotion and Maintenance

Today we continue our review of the content areas for health promotion. The aging process and developmental stages and transitions go hand in hand. We’ll review those today.

Saunders 7th edition has a unit (unit 5) dedicated to this topic.

Chapter 21 – Theories of Growth and Development (page 257)
Chapter 22 – Developmental Stages (page 265)
Chapter 23 – Care of the Older Client (page 281)
Each of those chapters include questions at the end and always you can create questions within Saunder’s database that focus on this topic.

Aging Process –

Everyone ages – what happens when they age.

Developmental stages and transitions

We all go through stages – it is important to have some general knowledge about how to communicate with our patients, no matter what age they are.

Here are a few good links to help you review the content –

A lecture / power point –

More next week – have an awesome day!

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