Health Promotion and Maintenance – Screening, Assessment, Self Care

The last part for Health Promotion and Maintenance is

Techniques of Physical assessment and
Health Screening

Self care has to do with how well the patient can manage their own health care. Can they do activities of daily living (ADL) or not. If they can’t, what kind of assistant might they need. Is is something family / friends can help with, or do we need to help them find a way to do it. IMPORTANT note – sometimes patients will tell you what you want to hear. They may actually lie about their family situation.

More information about this topic can be found here –

Physical Assessment –

Just what you learned or will learn in nursing school. How are you supposed to assess your patients. Saunders has some details for this in chapter 15 (page 71).

Health Screening —

Again a reminder Saunders database of questions let you create a test that has questions specifically related to this topic (health promotion and maintenance).

Some pretty good questions (there are 5 sections) related to health promotion and maintenance.

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