NCLEX Topics – Cultural and Spiritual

Today we’re going to begin the section on issues in Nursing. Today we’ll review some on Cutural awareness and Health Practices and next time we’ll review Legal and Ethical issues.

If you’re following along in Saunders today we’re reviewing Chapter 6. It reviews different ethnic and religious groups and discusses health risks and some additional items that you’ll need to make sure to assess. This is one of those topics that you may only see a question or two on the NCLEX and it is not something you need to focus too hard on, but you do need to know it.

My recommendation is to put it among those notes you review now and then review every month or so and then a couple of days before the test.

One of the best reviews I’ve found on this topic is this pdf which is here.

Make sure you save it to your computer and review it as needed.

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