I Failed the NCLEX part 2

Last time we talked about the first things you should do if you fail the NCLEX. Today we’re going to talk about what to do next.

I failed the NCLEX – Now what?

Assessment –

Now you need to figure out the content that you might have had trouble with on the test.

Step 1 – write down all of the question categories you had on the test. Examples would be like cardiac, fluid / electrolytes, lab values etc. Highlight those you think you might have had trouble on. If you’re like me when I took the test, some of the questions you’ve already looked to find out if you got the right answer or not.

Step 2 – take some assessment tests. The best I’ve found is online from Saunders – but you can take any that you find, as long as they’re setup similar to the NCLEX test. I would recommend you take two or three. Don’t take three in one day, but one every day. Note your assessment results, you’ll probably begin to see a few trends.

I’m working on a spread sheet to help you visualize the results better and I should have that for you next week.

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