NCLEX: The 75 Question Myth

I hope you’re doing well in your studies. We have been busy here and I’m sure you’ve been busy as well.

Many of the students I tutor have as one of their goals to answer 75 questions and the test to turn off and then they leave. I had that goal too. I remember taking my NCLEX and getting to question 74 and praying for 75 to be my last question if I failed (or not). Thankfully it did end at 75. Many of our students when it went past question 75 started to panic and ultimately ended up failing the test.

Do NOT let that happen to you. We have tutored many students that have passed their NCLEX after 75 questions.

Here are some tips if you hit the 75 question mark and the test doesn’t turn off.

1. DON’T PANIC – you are doing fine. Take a deep breath. Answer the next question.
2. Keep the rhythm – there is a rhythm you get into when you’re taking the test. Decide before you take the test if you get question 76 that you’ll continue to work hard.
3. If you lose concentration after 75. STOP. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think about someplace happy for a few minutes. Remind yourself of how awesome you are and then answer the next question.
4. STOP analyzing the questions you’re getting and just answer the next one.

Next week we’re going to do a deep dive into what to do you if you failed the NCLEX and how to take the next step.

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