Tips for Taking the NCLEX


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Some Tips for passing the NCLEX

We had another tutor student pass the NCLEX this past weekend. She passed it with 90 questions in an hour and a half. Her test consisted of many select all that apply and a large number of precaution type questions as well as ‘which of following instructions/orders/questions need a follow up’.  I am so proud of her, of course, but she mentioned something that I thought I would share with you.

The first 50 questions I panicked and then I remembered what you said… and everything slowed down and from fifty on I felt I did better, although I still felt I had failed until I found out that I didn’t.

Here are some suggestions for you –

  1. If you get in panic mode. STOP. Close your eyes, forget the computer screen for a moment and go to what I like to call your ‘happy place’. Think of one time when everything in your life was perfect and think of that place and time. For me it was on one of our beach vacations, it was me and my wife and we watched the sunrise come up over the Atlantic Ocean. It was a beautiful day. Now breath, deep breaths, now open your eyes and answer the next question.
  2. Focus on the question that you are on. Do not bring any baggage from the previous question. Each question stands alone.
  3. If your test does not shut off after 75 questions DO NOT panic. Just answer the next question.
  4. DO not study the day before the test. Do something fun. Make sure you know where the testing center is and how long it will take you to get there. Make sure you get there early.
  5. Talk to someone who supports you before you go take the test.
  6. Two days before the test – review an hour a two over the hot topics. Do not cram … it will do you no good.


Hope those tips will help you next time we’ll talk about the Renal and Urinary systems for Peds.

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