NCLEX – Memorizing Drugs (and other important things)

Box of NCLEX Flash Cards

Box of NCLEX Flash Cards

We’re going to begin a new series on our blog. Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about the different drug categories and individual drugs. We’ll talk about generic and drug names. We’ll go over what the drugs are used for as well as the side effects with the drugs. We’re still working on how to present this information.

There are a few different ways you can memorize the drugs. These techniques should be individualized for you…since you’ll be the one taking the test and will need to recall the information for a test. I will talk briefly about a few different ways you can do it and when we present the information you can memorize like you want to.

Flash Cards – this is probably my favorite method. You can do electronic flashcards or physical flash cards. I don’t really have a preference although with electronic flash cards you only need a cell phone and you can have thousands. If you use physical ones, you’ll have to carry around a shoe box with you. Don’t believe me, you can check out the shoe boxes in the image.

With drugs there are a couple of ways you can do it. Read the drug name first – then list use / side effects etc. Or you can look at the side effects and give the drug name. I did both, although just be careful doing the side effects and use first because there can be a number of drugs that do the same thing with the same side effects.

Writing them down – the best way I found to memorize lab values. It doesn’t work as well for drugs. You need to make up a master list first in a word document and then every day, fill in the blank. Pretty soon you’ll be putting the numbers down in your sleep.

Listening / Watching videos – repetition helps you memorize things. Find a good video or pod cast and then when you have a chance listen / watch.

A combination – you can use all of the methods.

How do you learn, let us know in the comments below.

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