NCLEX Critical Thinking (some tips

A good way to think about critical thinking for the NCLEX is you need to be able to show (by answering questions) that you fully understand a concept. It doesn’t matter if you know the signs and symptoms of COPD and what you do to treat it – you also need to know how to answer a question about that, when it might not be so obvious that is what they’re talking about. The BEST way to do this is by answering as many NCLEX style questions as possible. For each of our review segments we try and include at least a hundred questions or so, but you need to be answer 500 or so a week at least while you’re going to school and 500 a day when you’re getting ready for the NCLEX. The more questions you answer, the easier it will be when you sit down to take the test.

Today we’ve included some links to tips, and questions that should help you out.

Some strategies –


Some quizlet pointers –

The nursing process and critical thinking – some questions –

There are 3500 questions linked from this page – Choose a topic – or random questions.

130 Questions –

Enjoy your day!

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