Maternity Nursing – Images that will help you study [ how to use Pinterest ]

pinterest-nsgWe’re going to finish things today for Maternity nursing. A great way to study is to use Pinterest.

You can use Pinterest on your cell phone / tablet so you can take it with you and whenever you have a few moments you can review or study something.

Make sure to create “Boards” in your account. I suggest you do this with all the different topics you’ll be studying, that way you can find something easily whenever that you need to.

For each of the main topics we’ll be going over we’ll send you some links to Pinterest pages. Take a look at those pages and pull images that you think would be useful to you (don’t just choose all of the images – only use those that help you). We all study / relate to things differently. Make a notes in your study schedule to review these for an hour two or three times a week. You can remove / add more as needed. If you find someone that posts some really good content, make sure that you follow them.

Here are some pages I found that relate to Maternity Nursing

Enjoy your day!

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