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Free Nursing Study Software

Free Nursing Study Software

Welcome to tech Thursday. I am a firm believer in all things gadget related, especially when they help you either learn more, or allow you to be more productive with the time that you had. We are going to show case a couple of tools today, one will help you with your audio recordings and the other will help you learn things.

Audacity is one of my favorite programs. It has been around forever (I used it when I was in college), it is free, and it is so useful to tweak the recordings that you make. Some of the biggest things I like about it are.

  1. The ability to cut / remove sections from your recording that you don’t need. One of my instructors had a difficult time staying on the subject she was teaching, so every ten or fifteen or so minutes she would start talking about some random topic and then five minutes later she would return to the nursing subject that she was trying to teach. Since these were random, it was hard to pause the recording, she also talked really low so I would put my recorder close to where she was speaking. I would take that recording, cut those pieces out, and then I had something that I could listen to.
  2. Enhance your recordings – is the speaker talking too low, or is there some kind of hum in the room. You can do all kinds of things to the audio with this tool.
  3. Did I mention it is free? It is and the folks that made it are always improving it.
  4. I can create study recordings, which highlight just the things that I need to focus on and learn. Let’s pretend I record five different lectures, from those five lectures, I can cut the bits I love, create a new file with the things that I cut and create a new recording.

You can find more information about the program here –

A product that I haven’t tried before, but plan on checking out is Anki, a system you can use to make flashcards. The great thing about this product is, after you create a deck you can share it between your cell phone, computer, and I-pad (other devices as well).

Details about the product can be found here –

And again the product is FREE!

Below is a video that talks about it –


Enjoy your day!

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