8 Week NCLEX – Last Day

Boot Camp Week 4 – Sunday

Each of these topics is covered in our Boot Camp – it includes a video overview and additional questions, flashcards and content. You can email me and I’ll send you a discount code. http://www.nclexreviewonline.com/contact-us/ Need to start from the beginning – click here http://www.nclexreviewonline.com/free-8-week-nclex-prep-guide/

You are awesome!! You have just finished. The boot camp talks about creating exams using the suander’s database, which you already know how to do. My recommendation is to do 100 question tests every two to three days until it is time to take your NCLEX. Next week we’ll begin a video series that focuses on some keypoints of your NCLEX. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, if you have make sure to leave a comment on this page or our Facebook page.

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