The NCLEX Test – Reviewing the Test Categories

Welcome back. I hope your weekend is going well. Last time we mentioned that you should download and read this document.

The folks that create the NCLEX are telling you some important things about the test they have created. It is the most accurate information of what will or won’t be on the test.

First they break down the test into segments or parts. See the image below.









Things are broken down into four large categories and then further broken down into six sub categories (two of the main categories aren’t broken down so that makes 8 major topic groups.

  1. Management of Care makes up 17 to 23 percent of the test. If you have 75 questions you will have 13 to 17 questions that are related to this topic.
  2. The second place topic with 12 to 18 percent is Pharmacological and Parenteral therapies – that would mean you would have 9 to 14 questions if you have 75 questions on your test.

So what is Management of Care – the pdf describes it as Management of Care – providing and directing nursing care that enhances the care delivery setting to protect clients and health care personnel. Page six of the document goes on to explain some of the content that is related to that. Page 10-14 also includes a list of content related to it. You should review the list and MAKE SURE you understand / know or at least have some understanding of what it is talking about.  You should print out the whole document – or at least those pages. Take a highlighter and highlight items that you may need some review, and over the next several days review them.

Now do the same with the Pharmacological portion. When you’re finished with that do all of the remaining categories.

You have plenty to do J Hopefully you will take a few hours to not think about the test and then get back at it. We’ll talk more about the test next week.

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