The Endocrine System – Studying for the NCLEX – Lecture notes

We’re going to try something a little different with the way we present content. On Weds, we’ll do a new content piece, this will include lecture notes / videos that will help teach you the content. Then on Friday’s we’ll include study things (flashcards), drugs for the system we covered,  as well as questions (a bunch of them) that covers the content we presented to you earlier.

If you have any comments – please make sure to share them with us. If you have something in particular that baffles you with the Endocrine system, let us know that and we’ll try to cover that more in depth.

Lecture notes –

A basic outline for the important content related to the endocrine system –

15 pages of notes –

4 pages – mostly definitions

My favorite – 8 pages of notes (with 4 slides on the page) – includes images –


Audio –

Video –

I recommend you watch all of the crash course videos, they are funny but educational too.

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