Preparing for the NCLEX part 1

Tips for preparing the NCLEX exam

Preparing for the NCLEX exam

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. We’ve been busy working on our NCLEX Bootcamp. We’re still in the middle of putting the finishing touches on it, but you guys need this too. Finals should be finished or almost done. If this was your last semester in Nursing school, then it is time for the fun to really begin. The NCLEX test doesn’t have to be something that you are scared of, during our next few posts we’re going to give you some ideas on how to prepare… not just prepare but pass the test the first time you take it.

  1. Time – the first thing you’ll need to figure out is how much time you’ll dedicate to study for the test. If you have aced your nursing course, passed all the test with flying colors and are valedictorian of your class then you will need to spend less time than someone that has barely made it. But both of you can pass it! Click here to see how everyone did last year. 84% of folks who took the test the first time passed it (so it is possible). Some people have more time than others, it is better to spend several hours each day a month or so before the test, than to study all day a couple of days before the test. You don’t have to study all day, every day for a month either. I asked a group of people that took the test last year and most of them who passed the test the first time spent 2-4 hours a day for 3-6 weeks. Look at your schedule and figure out how you can cram 3 or 4 hours of study into a day.

    Let’s say you work 8 hours a day at a job. You can get up an hour early, go to bed an hour late and study during lunch for a few weeks. It is very important to use that time to just study (and not just surf Facebook).

  2. Sign up for your test – do this as soon as possible. Decide how many weeks you’re going to study but don’t put off taking your test too long. Look at the pdf again. The top boxes (1st time people who took the test). April thru Sept had above 80% pass rates. October thru December had a 74% pass rate.

Later this week we’ll have more about preparing for the NCLEX. You can try out our NCLEX training program FREE!

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