Preparing for the NCLEX – How much to spend and Assessment [part 2]

First Day of Nursing School

You can spend thousand on review courses. Decide now what your budget will be. What you want is a comprehensive review of material that will be on the test and a source for thousands of NCLEX questions.

The Cheapest method is to buy a review book, you may already have one of those. If you don’t have one, ask your instructors or nursing friends what they used and maybe you can borrow theirs. My recommendation for books is Saunder’s I’ve used it for several years and like the question data base, the comprehensive review and the ability to choose types of questions that you may be having trouble with. Here is a link to buy it –

Your college may have included a review course with your tuition, if so then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of that. Talk with people that have passed their NCLEX. Just make sure you stick with whatever you choose, the worst thing is buying a half a dozen courses and then not doing anything with them.

What I did when I was in school was form a study group, we would study all day on Saturdays throughout nursing school, when we finished we did that a couple of days a week during the time we were waiting to take the NCLEX.

Assessment –

Take two or three assessment tests. These are included with many books that you purchase and courses. You’ll want to highlight what you’re having trouble with (content and question types) you score poorly on. Take a test every day for two or three days. If you’re using Saunders – we can help you with this portion with a free assessment – you can find it on this page.

Next week we’ll talk about what to do with those assessment results.

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