Preparing for Finals, Studying for NCLEX

Good Luck with Finals

Good Luck with Finals

December is almost here. If you’re in nursing school I hope your semester is going well. If it started in August or September then you’re winding down. I apologize for the absence of a newsletter over the past few issues. We’ve been busy working on our next NCLEX product. We should have it completed this month and then you’ll be able to check it out. We have a post on our facebook page (( include link )) you have an opportunity to get access to the product free for some months. Just let us know what you would like us to focus on. This product is going to be broken up into modules and you can let us know what you want to see first.

Today we’re going to talk some about preparing for your semester tests, and finding out what you should focus on for NCLEX.

Preparing for your final exams –

When I was in nursing school, we had comprehensive final exams and from talking to other folks that is the general concensus. Here are some tips to help you ace that final test.

  1. Review everything, at least one time. If you’ve been doing flash cards, review all of those at least once. When you’re reviewing, make a note of things that you’re having trouble with.
  2. Review your past tests. What did you get wrong. Make a note of those things.
  3. Teachers usually will review some things that will be on the test. Remember that you doing bad, will make them look bad too. When they’re going over the test review record it and take notes. By now you should have some idea of what they emphasize and what could be on the test. Things that they emphasize make a special note of that.
  4. If you know someone that took the class before, ask them what all was on the Final, and what it was focused on.
  5. Compile that information and begin studying it. Set aside a few hours ever day from now until your final. Don’t study all of the time or you’ll burn yourself out. The night before the test, don’t study. Take the night off, go and watch a movie or do something you think is fun.
  6. Prepare for test day like you’ve done before.



You should be beginning to learn what you’ll need to work on for the NCLEX. I like hammering on the semesters content while I’m taking it, but I also remember what I had trouble with in the previous semesters and I try hard to learn what I might not have gotten a grasp of previously. If there is something you’re having a really hard time with, don’t hesitate to ask someone about it. This could be a nursing student, or a teacher, or someone that has already graduated. I had a hard time with the acids and bases until someone explained it to me. It was someone that had graduated the year before and they just knew it backwards and forward. They showed me how to do it and after they explained it to me, I understood it.

If you’re having trouble with Math, this could stem from a couple of different problems. How are your math skills? If it is the math that is giving your problems, get some tutoring. Many colleges offer this for free. Take a class. Talk to your high school math teacher. Look for similar problems on the Internet and do them. My last year of nursing school I tried to do 5 or 10 problems ever day until I could do them in my sleep. If your problem is setting them up then learn how to do it. Once you figure that out, you won’t have any trouble with it.

Getting a Nursing Job –

If you haven’t started thinking about where you want to work when you finish (and PASS the NCLEX), now is the time to start doing that. Do you want to stay close to where you are, or do you want to move far away. Start doing some research, find the hospitals where you want to live. When you’re doing the research find out what they offer (not just pay, but other benefits too). Now is a good time to begin making some contacts. Call the hospital, find out who hires the nurses and speak with them. Make sure that they know your name. Ask them if they’ll share the information that you need. Many times salaries aren’t listed on a website, but the nurse manager should be willing to share that information with you. Ask them how to apply for the job and if there is anything you should be doing besides preparing for the NCLEX.

Don’t stop with just one; ask around till you have a list of at least 2 or 3 health care facilities that you would like to work at. Then begin comparing them.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I want to thank you for letting us help you (we enjoy doing it) and I hope you have a wonderful week.

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