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Today I thought I would talk a bit about our new NCLEX study product, and tell you what’s coming up in the days and weeks ahead on our blog. A side note, we write this blog for you, if there is something that you would like us to talk about (body systems, question types, job skills, whatever), please let us know.

We have started beta testing for our NCLEX flash cards. The goal with these is to make it easy for you to study ten minutes at time. We’re all busy and sometimes we might not have time to devote a full hour to studying, but I bet you could find ten minutes at a time. The first set of video flash cards is focused around Cardiac. There are five videos for this set, each set is between 8 and 10 minutes long and covers all of the IMPORTANT cardiac related things that are on the NCLEX.

To sign up you can click here – the price is $9 / month. After we get ten folks in the beta program we’ll start releasing the other modules. As a beta tester you get the following benefits for no additional cost.

  1. We’ll be producing more modules and also we’ll be providing instructions for them. So Cardiac will eventually include the flash cards, but it will also include an hour or two of instruction (video) where we discuss important things, it will include PDFs, links to other great instruction we have found and when we complete the module – flash cards that you can print out. You’ll get all of this free as a Beta tester.
  2. Normally students will get access to these modules every 30 days, you’ll get them when we’re finished so you can test them out.
  3. Since you’re helping us, we’ll make sure you get super discounts on any additional products we create.

More details about the NCLEX Video flashcards program can be found here.

Click here to sign up.

Here is a tentative schedule for what we’ll be talking about during the coming weeks.

Jan. 27 – Students choice.

Jan 29 – Newsletter

Feb 3 – Study sites

Feb 5 – Meds

Feb 10 Acid / Base

Feb 12 – Meds

Feb 15 Newsletter

Feb 17 Respiratory

Feb 19 Meds

Feb 24 – Procedures

Feb 26 Meds

Mar 2 – Maternity

Mar 4 – Meds

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