NCLEX Topics – Peds – Integumentary

NCLEX Peds Integumentary

NCLEX Peds Integumentary


NCLEX Topics – Peds

We’ll be reviewing Peds over the next few weeks. Here is the tentative schedule.

Integumentary (today)
Hematological April 13
Oncological April 18
Metabolic and Endocrine April 20
GI Disorders April 25
Eye, Ear and Throat April 27
Respiratory May 2
Cardiovascular May 4
Renal and Urinary May 9

Neurological and Cognitive May 11
Musculoskeletal May 16
Infectious / Communicable diseases May 18

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This content is in Saunders.
Sixth Edition – Chapter 36 Page 415 Questions page 419
Seventy Edition – Chapter 33 – Page 404 Questions page 408

Atopic Dermatitis


A great article –

Patient education (good info to give to the parents / caregivers)



Burn Injuries (includes rule of nines)


Questions –

Flash Cards –

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